Jul 1, 2011

Sweet Air Conditioning

I love my a/c. I really do.

It's been a real scorcher around here for the last few days. I absolutely hate the heat. I could do winter all year long if I didn't have to deal with the heat. This is one of those things that I miss about the Pacific Northwest. A day that was in the 90's was like.....news worthy. But, not so much out here, that's standard summer weather. It's humid, it's hot and all I want to do is hide inside, sit on my sofa, eat fruit and watch episodes of The Voice on my computer. But I digress. ;)

Studying is becoming overwhelming, but not in a way that I can't handle. I really do like being in school, to a certain degree. I mean it's awesome learning new things and meeting new people, and carving out a new career ain't bad news either. I just wish it was a little less pressure. I mean....what happens if I hate doing this? What happens if being a nurse is NOT for me, and was just something I thought I wanted to do? I mean I doubt that. I think the big problem is that I like working with a very small (or a very large depending on how you look at it) group of patients. Women of childbearing age that aren't sick, just pregnant. Normal families with normal medical needs. I DO NOT like the hospital, that is one thing I can tell you for sure. I might like to work in a clinic or at Planned Parenthood. We'll see. I will have several options, I am sure.

So, while I sit here and study my microbiology, with all it's wonderful varying bacteria, I am thankful today for my air conditioning. Because damn it - it's hot outside. ;)

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