May 7, 2013

Burdens of Empathy

I have a deeply empathetic side. This would probably come as a shock to people that I don't know that well, I tend to come across as reserved. But those that know me know that there is generally a whole lot brewing below the surface. If you want to know what I'm feeling, there's a very good chance that it is exactly what you're feeling.

Are you sad? Then so am I. I can't help it. I'm sorry. Feeling angry? Upset? Abandoned? Well.....then so am I. This becomes a really big problem when two people's emotions continuously feed off of each others. Part of this is what makes me a decent nurse; my ability to identify and understand the emotions of my patients. These are vital of course. But it's draining. And I'm tired. I just want a hug.

Mar 14, 2013


Hello! Long time no see. You're looking well. Oh me? I'm doing alright. It's been a little bit busy around here lately. Just living the dream the dream.

  1. I'm a working nurse. On a med/surg floor. It's busy, fast paced, I learn something new every single day, and I have awesome coworkers. 
  2. I moved! Into an adorable little house that is half a block from Redheaded Wonder's school. It's great! Tiny, and a total blank slate when it comes to gardening. Very excited for the spring.
  3. My love life is squarely back in the single zone. For now. Online dating is such a....well. That's a whole blog post on it's own, isn't it?
  4. I've hibernated a bit too much. I've gained back about 10lbs. I'm excited for nice weather and more motivation to get out and moving again. I'm just not a gym rat. Give me a garden, a bike, a hike, a kayak, a wall to climb.....something that's real. Then we'll see what happens. I needed those 10lbs. To keep me warm. Right? Now it's time they went away again.
  5. Meditations are resuming.
  6. Yoga is resuming.
  7. Green juicing is back on track.
  8. Heartaches, heartbreaks, losses and bad times - sure. But let's not dwell, okay? Where's the fun in that?
  9. I got an AWESOME new car - 1986 Volvo 240 DL (that's a station wagon folks). It's only got 74K miles on it, and it was a single owner car. AMAZING.
  10. .....shit. I need a 10. Uh.....OH! I'm going to start work on either a certification or entering back into school. Just like I said I would ;-)
That's all she wrote. For now.