May 7, 2013

Burdens of Empathy

I have a deeply empathetic side. This would probably come as a shock to people that I don't know that well, I tend to come across as reserved. But those that know me know that there is generally a whole lot brewing below the surface. If you want to know what I'm feeling, there's a very good chance that it is exactly what you're feeling.

Are you sad? Then so am I. I can't help it. I'm sorry. Feeling angry? Upset? Abandoned? Well.....then so am I. This becomes a really big problem when two people's emotions continuously feed off of each others. Part of this is what makes me a decent nurse; my ability to identify and understand the emotions of my patients. These are vital of course. But it's draining. And I'm tired. I just want a hug.

Mar 14, 2013


Hello! Long time no see. You're looking well. Oh me? I'm doing alright. It's been a little bit busy around here lately. Just living the dream the dream.

  1. I'm a working nurse. On a med/surg floor. It's busy, fast paced, I learn something new every single day, and I have awesome coworkers. 
  2. I moved! Into an adorable little house that is half a block from Redheaded Wonder's school. It's great! Tiny, and a total blank slate when it comes to gardening. Very excited for the spring.
  3. My love life is squarely back in the single zone. For now. Online dating is such a....well. That's a whole blog post on it's own, isn't it?
  4. I've hibernated a bit too much. I've gained back about 10lbs. I'm excited for nice weather and more motivation to get out and moving again. I'm just not a gym rat. Give me a garden, a bike, a hike, a kayak, a wall to climb.....something that's real. Then we'll see what happens. I needed those 10lbs. To keep me warm. Right? Now it's time they went away again.
  5. Meditations are resuming.
  6. Yoga is resuming.
  7. Green juicing is back on track.
  8. Heartaches, heartbreaks, losses and bad times - sure. But let's not dwell, okay? Where's the fun in that?
  9. I got an AWESOME new car - 1986 Volvo 240 DL (that's a station wagon folks). It's only got 74K miles on it, and it was a single owner car. AMAZING.
  10. .....shit. I need a 10. Uh.....OH! I'm going to start work on either a certification or entering back into school. Just like I said I would ;-)
That's all she wrote. For now. 

Jun 26, 2012

I can see the finish line!

Here's hoping I don't strain a muscle or blow an Achilles tendon right before the end ;-)

I have 7 weeks left in nursing school. 7 weeks! I decided that I was too excited about that, and needed to break my 'radio silence' here on my blog. I really only did that because it was READILY apparent that my blog was being viewed by the other household, and obviously I have known about and read theirs for just about as long as they've been up. Eh, I'm tired of the 'intrigue'. I miss blogging.

Things are looking good, though. New people in my life (maybe even one in particular, tee hee hee!), nearing the end of school, hoping to find a job feels like I can finally start a new chapter. And I am so relieved! I've got a full 2 months in front of me, but after that? NO SCHOOL WORK.

The Redheaded Wonder is LOVING summer. She gets to go on all kinds of field trips at Metro Kids. They go swimming twice a week, and she hates that she misses the second time (she doesn't attend on Fridays). That's caused more than a few fits ;-) This week, they are going to Adventureland! At least the positive here is that if she needs to be in some kind of daycare while I'm in school, it's one that takes her swimming and to Adventureland. She really loves going.

I start my final rotations this week. It's really difficult to go back to a regular med/surg area after the activity of a critical care area. I miss critical care. And I never, EVER, thought I would say that. Thankfully, my preceptorship hours are in a critical area, but I'm not sure this particular one is going to be critical enough a lot of the time. We'll see ;-)

I've been a total failure at the whole exercising/meditation/eating write department. Eh, one thing at a time. I can't really prioritize my exercise needs like I should right now. There are far too many things/people/responsibilities that need to come first. But, I'm hoping I can get my feet under me again soon. Hopefully in some kind of Downward Facing Dog like fashion. We'll see.

So, back on the radar I suppose. We'll see where the wind blows me ;-)

Apr 26, 2012

Nothing is Sacred

Including this blog, LOL!

I need to go on hiatus here folks. Personal reasons, and all that good stuff. I need to go on lock-down for a while. It's been real!

Apr 25, 2012

Apr 24, 2012

Chicken Pox Magic Cream

It's official. The itches have started. ;-)

I'm not a fan of Caladryl, and it says RIGHT on the package - Do not use on chickenpox. There's a reason for that. If used too extensively this antihistamine cream can end up in your blood stream. A lot of people just slap that on for the itch relief, but you can actually overdose on it (yes a topical cream). Anyone choosing to read up on it at all would see that.

So, what's a Mom to do? My kiddo has the itchies. The Redheaded Wonder is of course doing the standard oatmeal-in-the-sock bathtub soaks. Relief is pretty temporary, however. I have, right now, a completely content kid sitting next to me. Why? Coconut oil.

Yup, that wonderful anti-microbial, all natural, coincidentally tasty magic oil. Redheaded Wonder is calling it Magic Itchy Cream.

Magic Itchy Cream
Equal parts of coconut oil and aloe vera gel

Woah, complicated. ;-)

The aloe vera gel I use is from Trader Joe's and it has calendula and arnica in it as well. (Bonus). You could add in lavendar essential oil or tea tree essential oils. But I didn't (mostly because I am out of both). But this worked so well, it probably doesn't even need it unless you are worried about possible infection (or active infection) of specific spots.

It's good stuff. And it works a heck of a lot better than the over-the-counter, chemical laden, lazy person crap that you can go buy at the store.

Low Simmer to Rolling Boil

Man, someone turned up the heat in here.

The shit has hit the proverbial fan. End of the semester in nursing school going horribly, horrifically awry? Check.

I'm having issues with a professor regarding a particular assignment that I'm trying to hash out. I'm trying to do a make-up clinical. I have several appointments that I kinda CANNOT miss over the next few days. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue except for one pesky little issue.....

Oh yeah. My darling daughter has chicken pox. This right here, this is the first time that I have truly felt and had problems with being a single Mom. I can't be five places at once, and quite frankly I don't want to be. I also have no issue with the fact that I am in this alone. It's just a cold bucket of water to the face when you find a need to be five different places at once and you can't figure out how to keep all the balls juggling and up in the air.

This also reminds me why having family around can be such a blessing. It's hard to ask friends (even very close ones) to take time away from their families to bring me things, or help watch Redheaded Wonder. It's a very lonely feeling. I miss my Sister and my Mom and all my other siblings deeply. We are a tight knit family. I had a picture perfect time growing up, and I have amazing parents and siblings to show for it. I just wish they were here sometimes. It's hard without them.

We'll manage, we always do. Next week/month/year there will be a whole new set of challenges. And we'll rise to the occasion just like we always do. Kicking and screaming if need be. My nursing instructor made fun of me a bit today - "It's like a movie! Every thing that can go wrong just does!". She laughed, but it was also a bit of sobering moment.

Survival of the fittest my friends. /pity fest.