Jun 26, 2012

I can see the finish line!

Here's hoping I don't strain a muscle or blow an Achilles tendon right before the end ;-)

I have 7 weeks left in nursing school. 7 weeks! I decided that I was too excited about that, and needed to break my 'radio silence' here on my blog. I really only did that because it was READILY apparent that my blog was being viewed by the other household, and obviously I have known about and read theirs for just about as long as they've been up. Eh, I'm tired of the 'intrigue'. I miss blogging.

Things are looking good, though. New people in my life (maybe even one in particular, tee hee hee!), nearing the end of school, hoping to find a job soon......it feels like I can finally start a new chapter. And I am so relieved! I've got a full 2 months in front of me, but after that? NO SCHOOL WORK.

The Redheaded Wonder is LOVING summer. She gets to go on all kinds of field trips at Metro Kids. They go swimming twice a week, and she hates that she misses the second time (she doesn't attend on Fridays). That's caused more than a few fits ;-) This week, they are going to Adventureland! At least the positive here is that if she needs to be in some kind of daycare while I'm in school, it's one that takes her swimming and to Adventureland. She really loves going.

I start my final rotations this week. It's really difficult to go back to a regular med/surg area after the activity of a critical care area. I miss critical care. And I never, EVER, thought I would say that. Thankfully, my preceptorship hours are in a critical area, but I'm not sure this particular one is going to be critical enough a lot of the time. We'll see ;-)

I've been a total failure at the whole exercising/meditation/eating write department. Eh, one thing at a time. I can't really prioritize my exercise needs like I should right now. There are far too many things/people/responsibilities that need to come first. But, I'm hoping I can get my feet under me again soon. Hopefully in some kind of Downward Facing Dog like fashion. We'll see.

So, back on the radar I suppose. We'll see where the wind blows me ;-)