Mar 23, 2012

Rough Week

This week.....has been rough. For a lot of different reasons. I'm battling some demons, running out of steam, missing my kidlet, running from pillar to post with appointments and things to do, people to see......but it's been good. I mean, what a blessing, truly. I have some of the most amazing, selfless friends that a girl could ask for.

This week I:
  • Went to several movies
  • Held a 5 week old
  • Drove to Iowa City to confirm that I don't need surgery (WOOT!)
  • Did some studying
  • Did some cleaning
  • Did a whole ton of exercise
  • Did some knitting
  • Slept. Finally. For more than a few hours.
  • Cooked several new meals
  • Spent not one, but TWO nights eating dinner with some new friends and their adorable (LIKE SERIOUSLY FREAKING PRECIOUS) boys
  • Made a few major life decisions that I am still mulling over
  • Started meditating again
  • Shared a bottle of wine with a wonderful friend
  • Re-sparked a flailing friendship
  • Unloaded a whole bunch of things I can't and won't use anymore to someone that will
  • Made a decision to let some things go
  • Didn't study as much as I should have
I can't ask for anything more. This week has been rough, crazy, wonderful, horrible, and all the other extreme bits of emotion you can think of. And It's only Friday. The wee one isn't here for another 48 hours. And the night is young (and you're so beauuuuuuuutiful.....).

And my friends......I was blessed with some wonderful people in my life. I realize that I have absolutely zero family in this state. But my goodness sakes alive if it doesn't feel like I have the biggest extended family in the world all crammed into this one little town. Thank you everyone, you have meant so much more to me than you realize! 

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