Feb 24, 2012

Sweatin' and Swearin'

I, Funky Mama, am about to embark on a fitness experience - known in larger circles as "Kosama".

I'm kind of excited! And, I feel like this could be the final feather in the cap on my weight loss journey. Can I tell y'all a secret? I've lost 77 lbs.....in a completely unhealthy way. Well, actually, a few completely unhealthy ways. Time to come clean, I suppose. Y'all probably know by now that I like to be honest with you.

First and foremost, please allow the words 'eating disorder' to just fall right outta your mind. Nothing that I ever did was intentionally bad for me. That is not part of my magical equation. But......but....Phentermine for a short time was. More on that in a moment.

As a brief disclaimer - my standards for my own appearance and beauty should have NO BEARING WHATSOEVER on what yours are for yourself. So please don't read this as - 'If you are a large woman you aren't pretty, or deserving'. I have some friends who were this size or larger, and they are STUNNING. And happy. I comfortable in the skin that they were meant to wear. I applaud that. The point here is that I WASN'T comfortable in my own skin. Alright. /disclaimer.

Right after my divorce, I went through this absolute panic. I weighed, at the end of my marriage, 220 lbs. I was a size 16, bordering on an 18. I'm not ashamed of this, nor should I think anyone would actually be surprised by the actual numbers. I LOOKED that size. So, I went through this aforementioned panic.....who will want me now? Aside from some other very emotional scars that I will likely never blog about due to their sensitive nature, I had this absolute panic about my size, and what that meant for me ever finding another partner again. Obviously, I was not in an emotional or physical space to be partnered at that point, but I digress.

So, in an absolute panic, I went to my provider. I discussed my fears with her. I discussed my health concerns, being as I was at the largest size that I have ever been. And, most importantly, I was a newly single Mom, working with birth clients, going through full time nursing school, while maneuvering a nasty divorce.

I believe in an attempt to actually help my mental health more than my physical health, my provider recommended and prescribed Phentermine. Does everyone remember the Fen-Phen days? Well the 'Fen' was the one banned. The 'Phen' was Phentermine. Essentially, it takes away your sensation of hunger and speeds your metabolism. It's a medically prescribed diet pill.

And when I say takes away your sensation of hunger, I MEAN it. I got to the end of a few days and realized - I haven't eaten anything. At all. Since yesterday. And it's way past dinner time. Not only that, but my heart would race all day long. I felt like I had just run half a mile.....all the time. I didn't last too long on that medication, but I did lose 20+ pounds in a very small amount of time. Like 3-4 weeks. Healthy choice? No. It wasn't. And I wouldn't recommend it to just about anyone, unless they are reaching a medically necessary weight limit.

So, I switched off of that. And that's when the divorce got heavy. I mean, bad. So, without a diet pill, I still didn't eat. Ladies and gentlemen, the stress of this divorce caused me to drop another 20+ pounds.  I didn't eat. I didn't sleep. I studied non-stop. And....I spent a lot of time with my lawyer. I was a wreck for a while, even if know one knew it. So, that was fun.

Then, I realized, somewhere along the way our diets had changed. In my previous life, fast-food and takeout was a way of life. Not because I didn't have time to, or couldn't cook. But because it was the preference of my partner most of the time to get something quick and easy on the way home. 'I'll just grab a $5 pizza'. Not only was that expensive, but it was awful for us. Hello, 220 lbs. But, the Redheaded Wonder and myself.....we aren't eating like that anymore. We eat at home a lot. We are working on re-adjusting her palette to being more fruit-and-veggie-centric. She packs a lunch. I don't touch the vending machines that often. Pizza is ordered not often, and in a completely different way (veggie, light cheese, light sauce). We eat off of the small plates, and not the big ones. I have slowed down and have taught both myself, and my daughter to determine 'when our tummies are full' and that we don't HAVE to clear our plates. More water. Less soda. It's been good.

I will also briefly say that I had not one, but two surgeries in the month of late Nov/early Dec, totally unrelated to one another. But, both had a dramatic effect on my ability to eat. I would say another 20 lbs was due to those 4 weeks alone.

So that leaves me with the 20 that I DID lose in a healthy way. By altering our eating habits, and slowly over the course of the year, getting us to a good and healthier place. We still have a lot of work to do, I see the light at the end of the tunnel on that one.

But there was always something missing there. Something that at one point during my marriage had made me feel good, feel stronger, boosted my self esteem, made me sleep better.....all those wonderful things that exercise 'claims' to do. And for me, it really did. One of the healthier times of my marriage is when I was attending and then coaching at Farrell's. I loved it. But, it got boring. And then my shoulder went out and I had to go through physical therapy to repair my rotator cuff. But the kickboxing....oh that punching bag had a few different 'faces' for me. That's for damn sure.

So, with all of that said (HA!), I am about to start Kosama in March. I am DISGUSTINGLY excited. I mean, I have dropped just short of 80lbs. That's a lot! And I am proud of it. But....I am WAY out of shape. I like curves, I don't want to get any smaller per se, but I would like to be fit and active and a bit more toned up. And I think Kosama is just the ticket to kick my butt into gear. I'm sure I'll write more about it, but for those that don't live in my area, it's sort of like an 8-week bootcamp that's 6 days a week, an hour a day (I will have to miss my regular time 1-2 days a week due to nursing school, but will be able to make them up later in the day). They rotate through 6 different workouts - upper body, lower body, plyometrics, yoga, kettlebells (YAY!), and kickboxing (YAY!). They don't do them on a consistent schedule either - there are cardio heavy weeks, where you might do kickboxing several days in a row, to trick your body up. It's pretty damn smart, actually.

So, that's where you will find me 6 days a week starting March 12th at 9am. Kosama. Sweatin', swearin', and getting my ass in shape. And I am SO STINKING EXCITED.

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